Ward Councillors Jailed of Market Land Selling

Ward Councillors Jailed of Market Land Selling

First Grade Magistrate Court in Karonga has sentenced three ward councillors to a year’s custodial sentence but suspended to nine months on three accounts of abuse of office, theft and fraud.

The three councilors are Steven Simsokwe of Chilanga Ward, Ngasalayumo Mwangonde for Kaporo Ward and Smart Mwakayira for Rukulu Ward.

The three, Simsokwe of the MCP, Mwangonde of UTM and Mwakayira of DPP appeared calm and composed throughout the court proceedings.

First Grade Magistrate Julius Kalambo said after going through both State and defence arguments, the State was right, looking at the seriousness of the three counts, and needed a stiffer punishment.

This means the three are no longer councilors.

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