MAM Chair celebrates Eid with Mangochi, Machinga and Chikwawa Muslims

Some traditional leaders in Mangochi district have commended Muslim Association of Malawi MAM chairman Sheik Idrissah Muhammad for taking Eid Al-Aduha celebration to their villagers.

Group village headman Machemba of traditional authority Mponda expressed the gratitude on Thursday when Sheikh Muhammad distributed 17 cattle and over 300 goats in his villages during the first day of Eid Al-aduha celebration.

“I thank MAM for considering people in the villages during this years’ Eid,” Group village Machemba said.

He therefore urged all Muslims in the country to celebrate in style and peacefully.

One of the villagers Anny Kim expressed her happiness by thanking MAM for giving them such a gift.

” I appeal to all Muslims who have animals to slaughter and give to the poor,” pleaded the villager.

On Friday Traditional authority Kapoloma of Machinga district asked Muslims in the country to be on the forefront in assisting the needy.

Speaking on behalf of the chief Lameck Cassim commended Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) for donating over 200 goats for Qurban in the village.

“Let me ask all Muslims and organizations to assist the needy during this period of eid,” asked Cassim.

On Saturday some councilors in Chikwawa district have commended Muslim Association of Malawi for donating over 300 goats in the area.

Speaking during Eid Al-Aduha celebration ceremony which was patronized by chairman of MAM Sheik Idrissa Muhamad the councilor for N’gabu Mr. Chande said the donation has helped people who cannot afford to slaughter an animal.

However, Chande advised all Muslims to have the spirit of sharing with the needy the little they have instead of waiting to receive.

Speaking during the same function, some sheikhs in the area have bemoaned that dawah groups do not visit the area to spread message of Islam.

Sheikh Jafar Chande said “Muslims in the area lack encouragement because a lot of dawah groups shun the area.”

He therefore appealed to all dawah groups to visit the area.

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