About Us

Radio Islam Station is an Islamic religious radio station in Malawi covering Islamic issues, health issues, developmental issues, agriculture, wild life issues, general news, just to mention a few.

Radio Islam was launched on 16th November, 2001. Its headquarters is located in the Malawi’s commercial city, Blantyre. The Radio is based in Agason Building in Limbe. The studios are also in Limbe with ten transmitter, broadcasting on Frequency Modulation band located in the following sites,Mpingwe, Zomba, Mangochi, Namwera, Dedza, Lilongwe, Dowa, Mzuzu, Karonga and the Lower Shire. Each of these transmitters have RF output power of one Kilowatt that bears the signal relayed across the country through Studio Transmission Links (STLs) and MTL microwave links and streaming .

Radio Islam broadcasts 90% of programs in Chichewa (a language of the Bantu language family widely spoken in south-central Africa).and other programmes are in English, Yao, Urdu, Tumbuka, and Portuguese.

The web site is presented in English language


To help spread Islam in Malawi and provide a forum for teaching and learning Islam ,which will bring in a desirable public awareness of Islamic values
To foster the country economic, social, educational, spiritual and moral development.
To enhance unity among Malawians despite their regional or religious back grounds.
To instill a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere among and within societies by promoting the spirit of tolerance and understanding.
To enlighten the public that lslam is the way of life by contributing to decisions that impact on the daily lives of the Muslim and non Muslim communities in the country and abroad.