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Liberian President congratulates Opposition Candidate in his victory

Cheka Ndege- November 18, 2023

Liberian President George Weah has called his challenger in the presidential race, Joseph Boakai, to congratulate him on his victory. In an address to the ... Read More

South Africa’s Ruling Party supports Parliamentary Motion to close Israeli embassy

Cheka Ndege- November 17, 2023

South Africa’s ruling party has said it will support a parliamentary motion calling for the Israeli embassy in South Africa to be closed. In a ... Read More

UN Security Council adopts draft resolution for humanitarian aid in Gaza

Cheka Ndege- November 16, 2023

UN Security Council has adopted a draft resolution calling for urgent and extended humanitarian pauses and aid corridors throughout Gaza Strip. The vote marked the ... Read More

Rights Group sues America’s President, Cabinet Members on Gaza “genocide”

Cheka Ndege- November 15, 2023

New York civil liberties group the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has sued President of United States and two of his cabinet members for failing ... Read More

Abducted Zimbabwe opposition activist found dead

Cheka Ndege- November 14, 2023

Zimbabwe opposition activist who was abducted at the weekend while campaigning ahead of key by-elections has been found dead. Tapfumanei Masaya's body was found in ... Read More

Saudi Arabia hosts Arab-Islamic summit on Gaza Conflict

Cheka Ndege- November 11, 2023

Saudi Arabia is hosting an Arab-Islamic summit focused on the situation in Gaza The conference is a result of consultations between the Kingdom, Arab league ... Read More

South Africa Opposition criticised Kenya’s President for supporting Israel in Gaza conflict

Cheka Ndege- November 10, 2023

South African opposition leader Julius Malema has criticised Kenya's President William Ruto for supporting Israel in Gaza conflict. Speaking at the launch of Pan African ... Read More

Zambian Opposition MPs suspended from Parliament

Cheka Ndege- November 9, 2023

Seventeen Zambian opposition MPs have been suspended from parliament for 30 days, following a disruption of the House session last week. The lawmakers defied orders ... Read More