In this era where communication being rated as the most effective tool the Islamic Zakaat Fund wanted to embark on the project of establishing an Islamic radio station, the first radio of its kind in Malawi. It is, also made clear that the objectives of the station would be to uplift the country’s developmental, educational, spiritual, and moral spheres by propagating Islamic values.

The station should strive to be independent. It should be neutral in every sense of the word so as not to be perceived as a mouth peace of any camp in the social set up. This would be in line with efforts to represent the interest of the Ummah in particular and the nation in general alongside withstanding adverse competition in the field
Its only affiliation would be to the Islamic religion because the basic motive is to have the medium of communication that will represent Islam in the system.


Radio Islam’s mission is to be the best audio station in the region through broadcasts of Islamic information in order to advance education for the nations

History of Radio Islam

The whole project of Radio Islam Malawi was carried out in phases and it was divided into three
The first phase was the applying of the broadcasting licence from Malawi Commucation Regulatory Authority (Macra), staff recruitment, procuring of equipment and mounting of broadcasting studios and eracting three transmitters namely Mpingwe in Blantyre, Mangochi in the southern region and Lilongwe in the Central region, establishing a resource unit and going on air with two studios and one as on air and the other as production studio

The second phase started after the 1st phase Radio Islam Malawi applied a Private Religious Radio Station and erected transmitters in the following site; Zomba and Namwera in the southern region Dedza in the central region and also extended its signal to the northern region in the following sites; Mzuzu and Karonga

Because of the increase in the production of materials RAIS added one production studio in the 2nd phase and it was finalized successfully.

Thereafter the third phase of Radio should reach the rest of the Northern region and closing up all major areas of poor reception in the North Central and Southern areas
It also planned to upgrade the studios depending in the advancement in technological era.

So far we have installed the transmitter in Dowa and upgraded our studios
If all the plans set aside is going to be implemented the station is going to be the mile stone marking a threshold of the epoch of communication in the Islamic communities

It was also intended to go for Streaming, VSAT during this phase.