Muslim women urged to patronize Islamic gatherings

Muslim women in Zomba have been encouraged to patronize Islamic gatherings as they are crucial in getting Islamic knowledge.

The call has been made by secretary general for Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) Zomba chapter Mariam Jiya at the end of the meeting held at Zomba High School.

Speaking to radio Islam at the end of the gathering, MWO Zomba chapter secretary, Jiya said there are a lot of benefits which are gained during such gatherings.

Jiya also said they organised the function in order to teach and remind one another on various issues in this holy month of ramadhan

She further said it is very important that women should be fasting while knowing its regulations, saying this will help them to get maximum rewards.

“Islamic Knowledge is a very important aspect when undertaking ibada, since it helps the one performing to be accurate. It is because of this that, Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) Zomba chapter organised a gathering for all women in the district,” said Jiya

She then called upon women to patronise Islamic gatherings which may be organised in the district because they will help them to know more about Islam, since it is during such gatherings that Islamic knowledge is shared.

One of the attendants of the gathering, Zainab John hailed the organisers saying the function has helped her to know more issues to do with fasting.

John then called upon other organisations to emulate what MWO has done by organising similar events, saying they also help to enhance unity among Muslim women.

“I am very happy that MWO organised the gathering because it is beneficial,” said John

The gathering attracted women from all corners of Zomba district.

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