Survey finds poverty & drug abuse major causes of mental health

Poverty as well as drug and substance abuse have been named as the major causes of mental health problems in the country.

This has been stated in a baseline survey report released by Youth Net and Counseling, conducted in T/A Mlumbe in Zomba, T/A Kalumbu in Lilongwe and T/A Kafuzira in Nkhota-kota.

According to YONECO’s consultant who carried out the survey, Dr Collings Kaluwa, the survey further revealed that there is lack of adequate resources and follow ups on those discharged from mental hospitals.

“The report will help in forming policies which will eventually benefit the country,” Kafuzira said.

Responding to the report, Director of mental health services in the country, Immaculate Chamangwana said mental health remains a cross cutting issue which needs efforts from government as well as the stakeholders.

“Mental health is affecting many people like any other disease in the country,” said Chamangwana.

On the actual extent of the disease, Chamangwana said they would love if resources can be allocated to carry out survey on the matter.

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