Concerned citizens appeal to Zomba city council

Voice of the citizens committee for Zomba central constituency, has accused the city council for not adhering to their concerns.

This was said during the press conference, the committee organised on Wednesday.

Chairperson of the committee, who is the former Mayor of Zomba city, Harry Mningwa said the citizens have a lot of concerns, which have to be adhered to.

“The council has instituted bi-laws without proper consultation and civic education which is not the way to go,” said Mningwa

He also said they are concerned with poor quality of development projects, abolishment of chiefs and collection of city rates in areas which do not deserve and abolishment of chieftaincy in the city.

Mningea said “as the committee, they have followed all the procedures to present their concerns to authorities, but nothing is materializing.”

On his part group village headman Chopi said he wonders why chiefs are not recognized only in Zomba city.

“This is compromising development in the area, because councilors are taking advantage of that hence only recruiting their supporters in various projects,” Chief Chopi said.

But reacting to these in a separate interview, Principle Administrator for Zomba city council, Davie Mlose said the city is committed in executing its duties.

Mlose said the issue of city rates is a responsibility of every citizen to pay, saying it is through this that the city generates money for development.

“Block leaders are carrying out duties of chiefs in cities and that issue is currently under diplomatic talks,” expressed Mlose.

Voice of the citizens is a grouping instituted in order to voice out where residents feel are not satisfied with services authorities are offering to them

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