Councilors appeal for guardian shelter at Dxoole health centre

Councilor for Dzoole South ward Madalo Dzuwa, has appealed to NGOs and well wishers to build a guardian shelter at Dxoole Health Centre in Dowa district.

Dzuwa said is greatly concerned with the pathetic situation which pregnant mothers and guardians live in at the Health Centre.

“The facility has a small maternity wing with 2 beds which were donated by former Minister of Health, Dr. Jean Kalilani,” said Dxuwa.

The councilor added chiefs molded bricks, collected sand and stones while their Member of Parliament, Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi, promised iron sheets and cement.

She lamented “the bricks are being destroyed by goats and expressed fear over safety of pregnant women and guardians as the poles have been destroyed and iron sheets have holes as the rainy season is approaching.”

The councilor further said bicycle taxis are charging exorbitant fees to pregnant women and guardians travelling to Mponela Rural Hospital hence putting their lives at risk.

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