Government disappointed with Civil Society organisations

Government has said is very disappointed with the way civil society organizations CSO’s are behaving saying it does not portray that they are operating for the interest of Malawians.

The disappointment has been expressed during a press conference at Capital Hill in Lilongwe after the CSO’s refused to attend the dialogue meeting organised by government on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking to the press Principal Secretary of Administration Cliff Chiunda said they had been waiting for the CSO’s to discuss the nationwide demonstrations and other issues of national interest but they did not show up.

“We later received a letter from the CSO’s that they are not attending the meeting,” Chiunda said

In an interview with Radio Islam deputy director of Human Rights Defenders Coalition Gift Trapence said they did not attend the dialogue meeting because government failed to honor their request to have president, Ministersand some heads of state agencies at the meeting.

Trapence said “this shows that government is not committed to have the dialogue.”

He said this is one of government’s strategies to frustrate nationwide demonstrations on 21st September, 2018.

The CSO’s want to hold the demonstrations against the theft of generator fuel at Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi ESCOM, Malawi police food ration scam and rampant corruption among many challenges the country and Malawians are facing.

Recently, the Quasi religious body Public Affairs Committee PAC backed the CSO’s demonstrations.

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