Grand Mufti urges Islamic organizations to respect sheikhs

Grand Mufti urges Islamic organizations to respect sheikhs

As Muslims in Malawi celebrate Eid Grand Mufti of Malawi Sheikh Muhammad Uthman Mtalika has urged Islamic organizations to respect sheikhs for Islam to prosper in Malawi

Speaking during eid prayers at upper stadium in Blantyre the Grand Mufti said Islam encourages tolerance, unity and respect

Sheikh Mtalika advised all Muslims to celebrate eid in line with Islamic teachings

Unveiling the grand mufti secretary general of Muslim Association of Malawi Dr Twaibu Lawe called on Muslims to support and respect sheikh Mtalika

Meanwhile, during Eid prayers in Lilongwe QMAM has urged President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to reject calls by some groups to legalese abortion and homosexuality in Malawi

Chairperson of QMAM Sheikh Jafali Kawinga said the president must be forwarding such issues to religious leaders through public affairs committee

Sheikh Kawinga said faith leaders dealt with those malpractices as they rejected them hence no need to take them to parliament

He asked government to ensure that all new Islamic organizations coming to Malawi register with either Muslim Association of Malawi or QMAM

He assured the president that Muslims across the country will continue supporting Chakwera’s administration to achieve development

Sheikh Kawinga asked the president to continue appointing educated Muslims in various government ministries, departments and agencies

He called on the president to ignore those who critise his leadership but concentrate on his developing plans

In his speech Chakwera assured QMAM that government ready for discussion of any issue of national interest in order to develop Malawi

Chakwera said his administration will announce some changes in order to rebuild the country from the devastating cyclone Freddy


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