Muslim Women Organizations for child education

Muslim women organizations in the country have appealed to parents, guardians and other community members to safeguard children and encourage them acquire both Islamic and secular education in the 2018 to 2019 academic year.

Chairlady for Lilongwe Islamic Central Mrs Filimoni made the appeal at Chilinde 1 Masjid in Lilongwe during women Dawa which was held to remind each other on the oneness of Allah.

She said children are ambassadors of Islam hence the need to be taught good morals and encourage them to work hard in school.

“The Dawah which was attended by Muslim women of Mgwirizano Mangumba in Zomba Malosa, Chitimba Central in Machinga, Dedza and Balaka districts,” Filimoni said

She said the dawa was organized to share knowledge learnt in various platforms which can improve their lives and take care of children as well as their families.

Filimoni also said “during the three days, women were able to express various ideas and knowledge, recited Quran and other Islamic activities.”

She further said bringing together women from different districts helps to empower them with business skills, strengthen their faith and observe Islamic principals as well as Code of dressing.

Filimoni has called upon the corporate world to assist the grouping so that it runs its activities effectively.

Commenting chairlady for Ngwilizano Mangumba women Malosa, Aisha Milanzi said “the gathering was very crucial in sharing experiences and best practices to develop Islam.”

Milanzi therefore said there is need for women to work collectively and show their dedication.

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