Review of Malawi’s Supreme court of appeal Act commences

Special Law Commission on the review of the Supreme Court of Appeal Act has started preliminary consultative meetings on the review of the Act with a call for involved stakeholders to positively contribute on the same.

The review process aims at aligning the 1964 Act with the 1994 Constitution of Malawi.

This comes against the background of the possibility of disparities, inconsistencies or gaps between the two since the Supreme Court of Appeal Act predates the Constitution.

On Monday the Law Commission engaged the Judiciary and Malawi Law Society to solicit their inputs towards the review.

Chairperson for the Special Law Commission, Edward Twea said one of the issues to be addressed in the review is on the Supreme Court of Appeal being the last court.

“The review, which is expected to end between May and June next year will also look at providing timely and equal access to the courts to all Malawians despite the social status,” Twea said.

He added that the consultations will also be extended to the general public for their input on particular issues and further consultations will be done throughout the regions so as to hear from a wider population.

The findings will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice which will take them to the cabinet before being taken into Parliament.

In his remarks, president of the Malawi Law Society said the review process is an opportunity for law practitioners in the country to recommend what as lawyers would like to be in the Act.

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