Blood suckers in Malawi

Blood suckers in Malawi

Many Malawians are living in fear of blood suckers.

The issue started in Mulanje but has spread to many districts such as Phalombe, Balaka and cities of Blantyre as well as Lilongwe.

Many organisations had asked president professor Peter Mutharika to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

One of them is the social commentator Michael Usi who held a press conference on the issue.

Few days after the function police summoned Usi over the matter.

A day later he organised another press conference where he asked politicians to stop interfering with the work of law enforcers.

“There is a certain MP who responds to whatever I say. I warn him to stop otherwise shall name and shame him,” Usi stressed.

In response to the calls Mutharika held interface meetings with people of Mulanje on October 13, Phalombe October 16 and Chiradxulu October 17.

21 victims expressed their testimonies saying the blood suckers use poison.

“We are told to undress when they arrive and they turn into dogs.

Meanwhile, angry people in Chileka have killed a suspected blood sucker.

According to Chileka police the man was a mad person.

In many Townships in Blantyre last night residents did not sleep well over rumors of blood suckers.

For instance in Machinjiri a businessman was rushed to hospital after claiming his blood was sucked.

Angry people from Kachere Township went to Machinjiri to search for the blood suckers.

They allegedly asked one the chiefs on the blood sucking who said was not aware of the matter.

The chief reportedly changed his response in fear of being attacked after they insisted that he knew the issue.

In Balaka police is conducting awareness campaign to get rid of blood suckers after angry mob killed Alfonso Galagala in Chiendausiku area on suspicion that was a vampire.

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