Hospital Ground Laborer arrested for attempting to kill co-worker

Hospital Ground Laborer arrested for attempting to kill co-worker

Police in Mangochi have apprehended a ground laborer at Namwera Health Centre Eric Kasawala on allegation of attempting to kill his co-worker Christina Dzimbiri

The incident occurred on 15th November at Sumaili Village TA Jalasi and the two have been longtime friends at work as ground laborers at the health facility

According to police findings on the specified date Kasawala visited Dzimbiri’s house bringing two unsealed cartons of Enjoy juice meant for the victim and her daughter who was playing outside

The suspect allegedly forced the victim to drink it while sending the housemaid to a nearby grocery to buy airtime

After a few sips he victim noticed black substances in the juice and minutes later she began vomiting as well as complaining of stomachache

The suspect then attempted to strangle the victim with her wrapper but she managed to overpower him while screaming for help

He fled the house with the victim’s cellphone who was referred to Mangochi district hospital where examination revealed that the juice was mixed with poisonous substances

The suspect was apprehended on November 16 in Machinga enroute to Blantyre

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