C.I.I.S tells Muslim women to propagate Islam

C.I.I.S tells Muslim women to propagate Islam

Centre for Interfaith and Islamic Studies C.I.I.S in conjunction with Muslim Women Organisation MWO has called on Muslim women to propagate Islam in their activities.

Speaking during women Dawa at Dzoole in Dowa district Central Region vice Chairlady for MWO Hajira Matelemani said it is good to work with women of other religions in order to remove misconceptions about Islam.

“There are alot of misconceptions about Islam therefore it is the duty of every Muslim to get rid of them,” said Matelemani

In her remarks vice chairlady for Muslim women organisation in Dowa district Mariam Mira has asked women to use the knowledge they have acquired and disseminate to their children.

Speaking on behalf of centre for interfaith and Islamic studies, secretary for the organisation Mariam Said encouraged girls and women to go to school for the country to develop.

The Dawa was conducted under the theme “unity among Muslim women in the country.”

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