Children Travel from Lilongwe to Mulanje under a bus

Four children have shocked people after they were found under a national bus travelling from Lilongwe to Mulanje.

According to Mulanje police public relations officer seargent Gresham Ngwira the children are said to have entered mudguard which is near gear box at night.

“We were going to Blantyre but did not realize that had arrived there hence ending up in Muloxa,” said the children.

Ngwira said as people were offloading language a leg of one of the boys was seen dangling outside the mudguard.

When asked the children said they did so because had no money for transport to Blantyre to seek monetary assistance from well wishers.

“One of them is aged 11 and comes from Lilongwe, another aged 12 from Dowa while the others aged 13 come from Blantyre and Mangochi,” said Ngwira.

Meanwhile, Mulanje magistrate’s court has ordered their transfer to Chirwa Reformatory centre as requested by the district social welfare office.

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