Court rebuffs Chanco’s vacation of students’ injunction

High court has dismissed an application by chancellor college administration to vacate injunction obtained by students union regarding conditions of re-admission as the college re-opens today.

In its 18 paged ruling the court failed to find that the issues raised by the students in their application for injunction were playful and hopeless as argued by the college.

The court faulted a statement signed by Assistant Registrar of students’ welfare Mrs L. Saka.

“Among other things the college said the students’ application lacked full disclosure of material facts such as an emergency general assembly they had convened and police being called by administration upon observing that students were damaging college property” reads the court’s statement.

However, the court maintained that the students have a strong case to fit for further investigation by the court on a full hearing of the motion for judicial review.

It noted that the issue of re-admission is a serious one therefore reversing the right of admission to already admitted students is illegal, irrational and improper.

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