MAM assures Muslims that their funds will be used to rescue Quran House

Muslim Association of Malawi MAM has assured the Muslim community that the funds they are contributing towards Tipulumutse Quran House fundraising campaign will be used to its intended purpose.

The remarks were made on Friday at Blantyre Islamic Mission where the Tipulumutse Quran House Fundraising committee organized a fundraising campaign to source the money for bailing out the building.

Speaking to Radio Islam National Coordinator for Tipulumutse Quran House Fundraising Committee Sheikh Omar Nkachelenga said the Muslim community should trust MAM adding the process in which the contributions are made do not give room to anyone to access the funds through dubious means.

“I commend Muslims for uniting to achieve the common purpose saying this shows that Muslims in Malawi have the potential to do more on their own,” said Sheikh Nkachelenga.

He therefore urged all Muslims to contribute the little they have towards Tipulumutse Quran House initiative adding since its inception, people are responding positively to the initiative.

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