Rains wash away graveyard and houses in Mangochi

Heavy rains have washed away part of the graveyard and at least six houses in the areas of group village headmen Saiti Mgawe and Changamire in Mangochi.
The rains caused Nansengwa River in the area of group village headman Saiti Mgawe to flood.
Speaking in an interview with radio Islam in Mangochi district commissioner Bester Mandele said that people are now living in mosques and schools.
Mandele therefore asked well wishers to help the affected people.
According to group village headman Saiti Mgawe careless cutting down of trees in Longwe mountain is the major contributing factor to the flooding of Nansengwa River.
In his remarks councilor of the area who is also chairperson of Mangochi district council Yusuf Kuswedye said that his area will make sure that people are planting more trees and asked charcoal burners to stop cutting down trees carelessly.

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