One of Malawi’s sheikhs has said investing in women is critical in propagation and strength of Islam

Sheikh Abdul Kareem Hameed Kamwendo said this at Ntende Masjid in TA Chamba in Machinga when 8 women graduated from their madrassahs and awarded certificates by Bayani Islamic Organization

Sheikh Kamwendo said previously people believed that women were not worth learning which was a wrong perception because seeking knowledge is compulsory to every Muslim

“Women should propagate Islamic knowledge so that they earn rewards of teaching others,” Kamwendo

In his remarks the organization’s director Gift Sitima said was delighted to see women progressing in religious knowledge

On the future of those graduating Sitima said they hire them to teach in other learning centers as sheikhats

Representing TA Chamba at the event, senior group Kapeta said the madrassahs have changed status of women because they are now able to avoid activities which are contrary to teachings of Islam

Senior kapeta then requested the organization to consider opening madrassahs for young children so that they also start knowing religious fundamentals

Speaking on behalf of graduating women, Ruqqayah Farook form Chamba 2 madrassah hailed Bayani Islamic Organization for the gift of knowledge acquired in the past 3 years saying “it is of great importance in both this world and hereafter.”

She then encouraged fellow women to invest their time in attending madrassah so that they understand how to perform different duties of religion