Presidential age limit motion tabled in Malawi parliament.

Presidential age limit motion has been tabled in Malawi parliament.

Member of Parliament for Nsanje South West Joseph Chidanti Malunga moved the motion.

Chidanti Malunga said “in view of challenges associated with office of president maximum age for the president should be 65.”

However, some MPs booed Chidanti Malunga as he was presenting the motion.

He appealed twice for protection from speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya.

Msowoya intervened telling MPs that it is impossible that all motions can be good for them.

“Honourable members be aware that it is not possible that you love all motions so be ready for the debate,” stressed Msowoya

Chidanti Malunga said leadership of old presidents has many challenges such as nepotism as compared to the young leader.

MP for Mulanje South seconded the motion.

Representatives of opposition and government sides spoke against the presidential age limit motion.

“We cannot support that motion therefore the MP who moved the motion must cartel it,” emphasised the MPs.

Therefore the speaker asked Chidanti Malunga to cartel the motion.

However, he refused to cartel it.

While 60 is the retirement age for civil servants in Malawi the constitution only provides for a minimum age of 35 for presidents.

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