Assalaam Complex employees get poultry training

Members of staff for Assalam Complex in Mangochi have been advised to effectively use the knowledge they have acquired during the training in order to transform their lives.

The call was made during the final day of two days training on quails farming and production at Assalam complex facilitated by the department of agriculture veterinary in Mangochi.

The training has provided them with skills on poultry farming through quail production.

Speaking during the final day the Director of Madaaris Qur’aania and Principal of Assalam Muallim Training Institute, Sheikh Abdullah Ballah urged the members of staff to take and use the skills they have learnt as it will assist in boosting their financial status.

Sheikh Ballah said it is important that the workers should engage themselves in farming business as it may help them not to depend on monthly salaries only.

In his remarks, Assistance Veterinary Officer from department of agriculture, Moses Mangochi, commended the participants for showing their commitment during the training.

“We promise that our office will be open to anyone who may need any kind of assistance on quails farming business.

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