Bedbugs outbreak in Malawi

As bed bugs continue terrorizing patients admitted in different hospitals and boarding schools, Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Mpenu has asked ministry of health to supply Health Surveillance assistants with pesticides to kill the pests.

In his response Minister of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume acknowledged the problem and said his ministry has intensified initiatives in order to get rid of the bed bugs.

“Spraying pesticides is not the only option since as a ministry they have also lined up other alternatives aimed at addressing the problem,” Dr Kumpalume said.

In one of her supplementary questions falling under the ministry of health, Dedza East parliamentarian Juliana Lunguzi asked the ministry to introduce an infrastructure development plan which is said to have stalled for over 3 years.

Lunguxi said this will help reduce some of the supplementary questions that are forwarded frequently.

“Developing the infrastructure plan will help guide the ministry in reviving the sector plan,” expressed Lunguxi.

Responding to Lunguzi minister of health Dr Kumpalume apologized for the delay.

“It is true that it has taken long to release the plan but let me assure the nation that it will be launched soon,” disclosed Kumpalume.

As question time continued in the morning hours of Tuesday, Member of Parliament for Blantyre City East asked the ministry to construct a health centre in Chigumula.

Minister, Dr Kumpalume concurred with the parliamentarian saying the area is very far from health centres in the city.

“It is true that Chigumula Township has about 30,000 residents, it is 8 kilometres away from Limbe health centre and 12 kilometres from Bangwe health centre hence the need to construct a health centre in the area,” explained the health Minister.

On information and communication technology, members of parliament asked the ministry to construct telecentres in their areas.

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