Group village headman Walamba from the area of Paramount Chief Kyungu in Karonga district has challenged electoral stakeholders to bring back recall provision law to empower the community to fire non performing parliamentarians.

The village headman made the challenge during plenary session at a civic and voter awareness campaign meeting Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Commissioner Linda Kunje organised for traditional leaders aimed at wooing voters to vote in large numbers in by-election.

Walamba noted that during campaign Parliamentarians promise electorates a lot but once ushered into power, they become untouchable.

“It is high time law makers walked their manifesto talk, adding, if the recall provision was effective Parliamentarians would be nurturing developments and be accountable to constituents,” said Wambala

According to Parliamentary documents, the section was repealed on the understanding that the provision may encourage witch-hunting and lead to abuse by constituents

However, Kunje who chairs the Commission’s administration and finance committee said the recall provision issue is crosscutting, saying since it was repealed in 1995, it has never been brought back and will require MEC Commissioners through electoral stakeholders to see if it is viable to revisit the Constitution and re-introduce the piece of legislature.

Kunje implored the traditional leaders to amplify the message to their subjects to enable them vote for their preferred candidate who will in turn bring them their developmental needs

The Commissioner urged the community leaders to preach peace to both the youth and Parliamentary candidates to avoid instigating violence which is an enemy of development