Chiefs defy court order in land dispute

Two senior group village heads under TA Chiwere in Dowa have defied the court order to stop their land dispute.

High Court Judge Esime Chombo ordered the two chiefs to stop the disagreement in 2017.

Speaking to Radio Islam TA Chiwere said the conflict which began 21 years ago is derailing development in the area.

“The land dispute has led to formation of two groups that are fighting each other,” said TA Chiwere.

Dowa police officer in charge deputy commissioner Owen Maganga said his office is aware of the land wrangle.

“I had a meeting with TA Chiwere and the two senior group heads Mkanthama and Mndekwa where they discussed the effects of the dispute in order to find a lasting solution,” disclosed Maganga.

He said they agreed to conduct sensitization meetings for the people in the two areas to reconcile and form community policing forums that will tighten security.

Maganga added that Dowa police is hunting for ring leaders of the two groups that are promoting the conflict.

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