High Court has ruled that businessman Dr Thom Mpinganjira has a case to answer on the attempt to bribe judges in presidential elections case

Making the judgment Judge Dorothy Degabriella said the evidence which the state presented in court clearly shows that Mpinganjira tried to bribe the judges

Degabriella then set 11th May to resume the case adding the accused person has the constitutional right to enter defence or remain silent

However, she said if Mpinganjira chooses to remain silent the court will go ahead to deliver its judgment on the case based on the evidence it has

Degabriella told the defense team that “Mpinganjira’s bail remains intact therefore should follow all conditions otherwise it will be revoked.”

After the ruling lawyer of Mpinganjira Patrice Nkhono said they will discuss the ruling with their client on whether he will defend himself or remain silent.

However he prayed for more time to consult the client and make decisions on the case

Thereafter lawyer of the State said they had no objection to a plea by Nkhono for the adjournment.

“However when parading its witnesses it should serve the state with witness statements and any documentation they will use in court,” Nkhono

The evidence against Mpinganjira was presented in the court by the five judges who presided over the presidential elections case