CSO’s shun govt meeting

The Political analyst has described the failure by some civil society organizations to attend dialogue meetings which government organized in Lilongwe and Blantyre this week as a missed opportunity.

On Monday government through office of presidential advisor on civil society funded a meeting for all civil society organizations where a platform for dialogue was formed.

However, other activists did not attend the meeting as they alleged they never received invitations.

On Tuesday, government also organized a high level meeting in Lilongwe to discuss issues which CSO’s presented in a petition to president Mutharika.

Reacting to this Dr Mustafa Hussein of Chancellor College told radio Islam that there is need for seriousness from both government and civil society organizations if dialogue sessions are to bear fruits and benefit Malawians.

“Government is showing willingness to engage activists hence the need for them to make use of the opportunity but it should be fair and transparent with the process,” said Dr Hussein.

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