Different Organisations Agree to End Death Penalty in Malawi.

Different organizations have agreed to end the death sentence in Malawi.

The agreement was made at a meeting in Lilongwe that was organized to reflect on the death penalty following the killings of people with albinism.

The organizations included Paralegal Advisory Service Institute PASI, UNDP, Public Affairs Committee PAC and human rights bodies.

Speaking during the meeting PASI National director Clifford Msiska said results of the survey which the organisation conducted regarding the issue of death penalty indicate that 94 percent of interviewees stressed that life imprisonment is a proper punishment for a person who has been convicted of murder charge.

“The survey especially targeted traditional leaders in the home villages of prisoners who have been sentenced to death sentence,” Msiska said.

He also said the survey was done under Malawi capital representing project done by PASI and other organisations.

“Prison is a place where people are expected to reform therefore if a person is given death penalty there will be no chance to reform,” added Msiska

In his testimony Baison Kaula a man who was released from prison through the same project said life is precious and giving a person death sentence puts a lot of people in trauma.

Commenting public affairs committee PAC chairperson reverend Felix chingota said they will support any decision by the organisations on the matter.

The Malawi capital resentencing project has assisted more than 150 death sentence prisoners in obtaining new sentencing hearing.

Objective of the project was to gather mitigating evidence that would allow judges to make reasonable decisions about the proper punishment in each case.

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