Education Minister asked to resign

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Emmanuel Fabiano has been asked to resign for failing to run the sector.

Member of Parliament in Salima Jersey Kabwira said this after Fabiano failed to state the date when the closed government colleges and universities will be opened.

Responding to a point of order Fabiano said four of the five closed colleges are under his ministry.

“It is the responsibility of the councils to open the colleges,” said Fabiano.

However, this did not please the MPs hence asking him to resign humbly as he has failed to run the Ministry.

Kabwira of MCP asked him to inform Malawians the person responsible for management of public institutions of higher education because the president had told the nation is not responsible and the minister has also said the same.

“Can the Minister tell us the person who is responsible to public institutions of higher education,” asked Kabwira.

In his remarks another MP in Salima of PP Uladi Mussa reminded the Minister that education is important as they are in the national assembly because are educated.

Concurring with the MPs deputy speaker of parliament Esther Mcheka Chilenje asked the Minister to refrain from threatening the legislators as education is a human right.

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