Friends of Dowa formed to monitor transparency of council

A grouping known as Friends of Dowa has been formed with the aim of pressurizing Dowa District Council to exercise transparency and accountability on the projects which are being implemented in the district.
The group has meanwhile called upon people of Dowa to start asking the council to explain how it manages Local Development Funds in order to bring to book the culprits.
Speaking at the launch of the grouping it’s lead advisor Boxer Mnjale Chisale, said Dowa is still under-developed because of selfishness individuals at the council secretariat who have enriched themselves at the expense of the poor.
” I urge the committee which comprises civil servants, traditional leaders and business people to get rid of their fear saying people of Dowa employed the council secretariat,” Mnjale said.
The grouping’s elected chairman Christopher Mdachi encouraged them to work together.
Mdachi expressed worry over poor planning of the district’s urban infrastructure and the council’s failure to paint its buildings since 1997 when it was officially opened by the country’s first multiparty president Dr Bakili Muluzi.

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