Government applauds Islamic organizations for their support

Government applauds Islamic organizations for their support

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Cecilia Chazama has thanked Islamic Organizations for the support they are rendering to different government sectors.

Speaking to radio Islam Chazama who is also MP for Blantyre North East cited Al-balakah Charity Trust as one of the Islamic Organizations that are doing a commendable job in her area.

Chazama expressed her gratitude to Islamic organisations during a tree planting exercise at Lunzu police Station in Blantyre district.

“The 10 000 liters water Tank that Al-barakah charity Trust established at the Station. Chazama said the water Tank has eradicated the scarcity of safe water for people living in the Police Surrounding Area,” explained Chazama.

Commenting Chairperson for community policing forum at Lunzu police Station Steven Chitimbe said the water Tank is also helping three villages of Mkaimba, Pasani and Mbozi.

“Initially villagers were travelling long distance to fetch water,” said Chitimbe.

In his remarks village headman John Kwaja who represented Senior Chief Kapeni called upon all village heads to plant more trees in their areas.

Speaking at the same function chief Goliat Nazombe said 1700 trees have survived in his area out of the 2745 which were planted.

At the end the MP for Blantyre South East also Minister of Internal security Cecilia Chazama promised to build 4 Police houses at Lunxu police station in March this year.

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