Government Embarks on Campaign to End Roadside Animal Sale

Ministry of Agriculture and Lilongwe city council have expressed concern over the increase of roadside animal sales in Lilongwe.

Director of Livestock Development in the Ministry Patrick Chikungwa made the complaint during a joint press briefing organized by Department of Animal Health in conjunction with Lilongwe City Council on the campaign to stop road side sale of animals.

Speaking during the meeting Chikungwa said they are worried with the way animals are handled on the roadsides.

“The law prohibits selling of animals along the roads. It further says animals for sale should be health and certified by veterinary experts,” Chikungwa said.

In his remarks director of health and social services at Lilongwe city council Vitto Malula expressed worry over the rise in roadside animal trade.

“Most of the vendors steal the animals,” emphasised Malula.

Deputy Commissioner of police Josiah Kanthiti said they will start enforcing the protection of animal act in order to overcome the malpractice.

“We would civic educate all farmers in Lilongwe district on the protection of animals,” said Malula.

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