Govt & ISAMA optimistic of new curriculum

Ministry of education science and technology says it is optimistic that the new curriculum will be implemented in September this year.
In an interview with Radio Islam the Ministry’s acting spokesperson Manfred Ndobvi said so far they have managed to orient teachers from 4 education divisions.
“All teachers in the central and northern region have been trained and we will finish orienting the remaining ones by the of April,” Ndobvi said.
Ndobvi said the two remaining education divisions of South West and Central West will commence in April.
The curriculum was supposed to be implemented in September last year but failed because the education activist and Independent Schools Association of Malawi ISAMA advised government to roll it out in this year because of lack of science learning materials in many schools.
The curriculum includes compulsory of science subjects and chemistry.
Speaking with radio on the same, president of ISAMA Joseph Patel said private schools are very ready to implement the curriculum.
Patel said many private schools have already acquired science kits and learning materials.

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