Hijab taskforce says it is delighted that the quasi religious body Public Affairs Committee PAC has given a go ahead that Muslim girl child be allowed to wear hijab in all grant aided schools.

Speaking to radio Islam, spokesperson for the taskforce Abdul salaam Faduweck says by allowing girls to wear hijab in school, human and religious rights of a Muslim woman have been upheld.

His remarks come few days after PAC said negotiations which were ongoing over misunderstandings over the wearing of the hijab were completed.

The ministry of Education referred the matter to PAC to dialogue over the misunderstandings which had led to closure of schools such as Mpiri in Machinga.

Faduweck has meanwhile urged Muslim parents to ensure that the girls are wearing a school uniform which will be in line with guidelines that shall be provided.

“The taskforce has never forced any student to wear the hijab and has currently no intention to,” Faduweck

Hijab taskforce, started in 2018 after a Blantyre based student who was selected to chichiri secondary school wanted to attend lessons whilst in hijab.

Spokesperson of PAC Gilford Matonga had confirmed to Radio Islam that the taskforce which was formulated to discuss the disagreement over Hijab wearing had recommended to allow Muslim girls to wear as per Islamic teachings in grant aided schools

Commenting Muslim Association of Malawi spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika commended PAC taskforce for the recommendation which shows co-existence of religions in the country