Illegal goods increase in Malawi

Malawi Bureau of Standards MBS has blamed the use of unchartered routes on the increase of counterfeit and uncertified foods as well as drinks in the country.

It has said this after a tip from some Malawians few days ago indicated that such products are on the rise in local markets.

Speaking in an interview with radio Islam, executive director of MBS Davlin Chokazinga said his office has deployed officers to investigate the matter in markets and borders.

Chokaxinga said they have partnered with Malawi Revenue Authority and police to control influx of sub-standard goods.

“Some well wishers tipped us two or three days ago and our officers have already gone to the markets to verify and will also go to the borders to investigate,”disclosed Chokaxinga.

He has therefore warned that people who will be found importing illegal goods in Malawi will face the law.

Some of the illegal goods are sugar, juice and cosmetics.

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