Malawi sentences illegal Ethiopians

Karonga First Grade Magistrate court has sentenced 27 Ethiopians to pay K20, 000 fine each, for illegally entering the country.

The court heard that on 26th June, 2017, Karonga Police arrested 26 Ethiopians and one on the next day at Katili in TA Kyungu.

Police prosecutor Sub Inspector Kelvin Kamanga, told the court that the driver together with other Ethiopians run away into a nearby bush leaving the vehicle, after reaching Katili area.

“Although the convicts were first offenders, they cause threats to the country since nobody knows their intention,” Sub Inspector Kamanga said.

He added that the immigrants used uncharted routes to enter into the country as they knew that it was illegal.

“I plead with the court to impose meaningful sentence to the convicts and forfeit the vehicle as per section 141 of Police Procedure and Evidence code,” appealed Kamanga.

In mitigation the convicts asked the court to forgive them, saying they were first offenders.

“We have already been punished for missing food for six months,” claimed the Ethiopians

However, First Grade Magistrate Chakaka Nyirenda concurred with the state that illegal immigrants pose a threat to the country.

“You must pay K20, 000 each and I surrender the vehicle to Malawi government,”stressed Nyirenda.

The convicts used a vehicle, Fuso Fighter which belongs to Mr Amedi Hassan Abub of Dowa district.

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