Malawians petition president

Malawians petition president

Mangochi concerned citizens have petitioned, president Mutharika to interfere on the corruption allegations against Mangochi town council.

Its spokesperson Muhammad Ajussa said they have presented the letter after noting that it has taken so long for the local government to respond to their request of sending auditors to the council.

However, the grouping say have not given the president ultimatum saying that they have hope that the president will respond to them as soon as possible.

“We have delivered the petition to Mangochi district commissioner.

Few weeks ago the group ordered the town council to stop collecting revenue for alleged mismanagement of funds.

The council bowed down to the request and promised to invite auditors.

However, on Friday 21 April, the group was surprised to see that the council had ordered its staff to stop cleaning the markets and closed taps as well as toilets.

On Saturday, the council closed the main market and some but reopened on Monday.

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