Malawi’s ruling party fight with MP over cash gate

Umodxi party has faulted Democratic Progressive Party leadership for practicing politics of castigation.

The party’s president Professor John Chisi was reacting to recent exchange of words between DPP officials and vice chair of Public Affairs committee of parliament Kamlepo Kalua.

Chisi said it is disrespectful for the state president to engage in verbal war with a Member of Parliament.

The disagreement began after Kalua said president Mutharika is shielding 7 cabinet ministers allegedly involved in the plunder of government funds (cash gate).

This angered Malawi’s president who responded to Kalua during the opening of Salima sugar company on Monday 15 August.

Mutharika gave Kalua 24 hours to surrender the names or should shut up for ever.

“This man has been criticizing me now and then therefore must stop,” emphasised Mutharika.

In his response Kalua also gave Mutharika 24 hours to arrest the cabinet ministers or resign.

“The president told the nation that he dislikes ultimatums, I also do not like ultimatums,” stressed Kalua.

However, speaking during the commissioning of Thyolo Muona road on Friday 19 August, senior officials of ruling democratic party DPP senior officials castigated Kalua.

DPP regional governor for the South Charles Mchacha said they cannot allow Kalua to continue attacking their president.

in her remarks Minister of Information Patricia Kaliati asked the defence Minsiter to summon Kalua because are tired with statements that president Mutharika is shielding 7 cabinet Ministers involved in cash gate scandal.

Initially British investigators hired by PP government found that Malawi lost 577 billion kwacha due to cashgate between 2009 to December 2014 but the forensic audit says the plundered money was 236 billion kwacha.

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