MCTU persuades Malawi to ratify SADC’s employment protocal

Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) has launched a campaign on ratification and implementation of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) employment and labour protocol to lobby government to ratify it.

Speaking during the launch, MCTU President Chauluka Muwake said this would be done through consultations among social partners and other stakeholders hence promoting harmonious employment and labour relations.

“All directorates under SADC have had functional protocols except the Employment and Labour Sector, the protocol is in line with SADC Treaty as well as more legally-binding than the SADC charter.” explained Muwake.

He also said the Employment and Labour Protocol will help the employer and employee share common goals and at the same time protect employees.

He therefore urged other organizations to take part in this campaign so that together they would make government aware of the importance of ratifying this protocol.

Regional Labour Officer in the Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development, Lovemore Theu described the launch as a positive development as the ministry faces a lot of challenges related to labour issues.

“Government has already started addressing some of the challenges in employment and labour for the country’s economic growth,” said Theu.

The protocol contains specific articles which spell of decent works, social protection and protection of workers, especially migrant workers.

Ministers of Labour and Social partners approved the draft protocol on Employment and Labour in Mozambique in May 2013 and made recommendations to the SADC council before it was signed by Heads of State in 2014.

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