MH crime rate decline

Police in Mangochi district have registered decrease in crime for the past six months compared to the same period last year.

According to Deputy public relations officer for Mangochi Police Sergeant Amina Tepani Daud in 2016, 1175 cases were registered but this year they have recorded 1042.

Daudi said that represents a 10% reduction of crimes.

“Some of the serious offences such as robbery with violence and house breaking have decreased. For instance, this year 40 cases of house breaking have been recorded compared to 63 last year,” explained Daudi.

She said several awareness campaigns and school outreach activities conducted by Community policing branch, NGOs and Social welfare office contributed to reduction of crime cases in Mangochi.

“We’re concerned with the increase of defilement cases since last year there were 40 but this year 50. In addition our concern is on increased road accidents in the district as 16 people lost their lives last year but 26 this year,” disclosed Daud.

She said crime cases are expected to drop as Mangochi police will continue giving stiffer penalties.

Some of the contributing factors to the increase Daudi said are the use of un-worthy vehicles, over speeding and carelessness when using the road particularly bicycle operators.

“My office will continue conducting road safety awareness campaigns in schools and communities in order to reduce road accidents in Mangochi.

She also said that anyone found violating road traffic rules and regulations will face the law.
Mangochi Police has thanked all stakeholders and communities for the support they render in fighting against crime.

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