Muslim men asked to promote Islam

Muslim men asked to promote Islam

Muslim men have been asked to play a leading role in encouraging their families to practice Islam.

This was observed during a daylong workshop organized by Al-Barakah Charity Trust (ACT) at Kameza in Blantyre.

Speaking during the workshop, ACT Director of Finance and Administration, Saeed Witness, said they intended to bring couples to the workshop so that husband and wife should understand their role in their families.

“Family is a basic foundation of the society and if Muslim families live in a way Allah has stipulated in the Quran the country will be full of good citizens,” said Witness.

Speaking to Radio Islam, one of the facilitators to the workshop, Sheikh Rajab Kaputeni, said such workshops are very important as Muslim families are lacking a platform to learn on how they can take care of their families.

The workshop was organized by the dawah department of Blantyre Development and Education Centre in Al-Barakah Charity Trust (ACT).

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