Muslims Seek Apology of Malawi’s Ruling Party’s Governor over Derogatory Remarks on Islam

Muslim Association of Malawi MAM has strongly requested DPP governor for the eastern region Julius Paipi to apologise to the Muslim community in this country for the derogatory remarks he made against Islam.

The request has been made in a statement to Democratic progressive party which is copied to media houses.

Signed by MAM secretary General Alhaj Twaibu Lawe the document says the association is surprised and disappointed with Pipe’s remarks that implicated Islam with violence.

“MAM sternly condemns the remarks as they are likely to tarnish the image of Islam,” Al-haj Lawe said.

MAM says every Malawian citizen is free to participate in politics and join the party of their choice.

Al-haj Lawe said “it is unfortunate that this time of multiparty dispensation somebody can utter those retrogressive remarks against Muslims who participate in politics.”

MAM reminded DPP that the first multiparty president in this country was a Muslim who never encouraged violence in this country despite that masjids were burnt after announcement of 1999 general elections results.

“Muslims did not retaliate with violence and they remained peaceful. This actually signifies how peaceful Muslims are and that they advocate for co-existence,” says MAM

It further says from one party to multiparty system MAM has enjoyed cordial relationship with all political parties.

“MAM appealS to any political party in this country to distance itself from such utterances during and after their political campaign rallies,” says Al-Haj Lawe

Meanwhile, Muslims in Mangochi and UK have called upon Pipe to apologize and DPP to dismiss him in order to show the country that it is against such insulting remarks.

The Muslims in Mangochi made the call during a press conference and those in UK in an open letter to DPP.

They have cautioned political leaders to stop castigating Islam and refrain from politicizing the religion.

Speaking during the conference Sheikh Yahya Hanafi said Muslims are peaceful people therefore they cannot be warmongers.

“During the regime of Dr Bakili Muluzi who is a Muslim Malawi did not register any war. Islam encourages Muslims to stand together against any insult on Islam,’ said Sheikh Hanafi.

He said this is not the first time for DPP to insult Muslims.

“Such malpractice of attacking Muslims must stop,” Sheikh Hanafi said.

Commenting Sheikh Ismael Makda said advised DPP leadership to take serious action on Paipi.

Makda said if they will not punish accordingly Pipe for insulting Muslims, the party will lose its momentum in the district come 2019 polls.

“In multiparty democracy people have rights which must be respected hence requesting Pipe to apologise,” Sheikh Makda said.

In an open letter to Democratic Progressive Party, Muslims in UK have condemned the callous and egregious remarks by Julius Pipe.

Signed by secretary general of Malawi Muslim community UK Rhodrick Junaid Kalumpha the letter says Malawi Muslims have the right to seek any political office through any party of their choice as per constitution of Malawi.

It also says every Malawian has the freedom and right to choose anyone to represent them regardless of religion.

“We remind pipe that Malawi is secular state therefore politics of religion has no place in this country,”Malawi Muslim community UK has said.

They have urged political leaders to desist from such dangerous politics and focus on issue based politics in the run up to next year’s elections.

“We applaud Wellington Mangulenje for resigning as DPP campaign director for Mangochi immediately after Pipe’s insulting remarks on Muslims,” Malawi Muslim community UK adds

They hope that DPP will address the matter with seriousness which it deserves.

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