New Frequencies Use Next Year-MACRA

New Frequencies Use Next Year-MACRA

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority MACRA says new frequencies for broadcasters are to be used from 1st January 2024

In a public notice on FM Frequency Band Refarming director general of MACRA Daudi Suleman says the Authority has now assigned FM frequencies to all licenced stations and identified free frequencies to be assigned to prospective stations

The MACRA Director says the authority has made big strides in the current project with the aim of accommodating more licensees

Suleman expresses that the project has ensured that the current solution will withstand the demand and remain useful for many years to come

He revealed that the Authority has in the past weeks engaged various stakeholders in a drive to solicit input and sensitise them on FM frequency Band refarming process as well as the benefits

Suleman further says the next activity will be a sensitization campaign to ensure the public is aware of the new frequency allocations and benefits of the change.

Among the changes are national radio stations assigned two frequencies throughout the country, community radio stations will be limited to their jurisdiction and not spill over into other districts as has been the case


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