Over 1 milion receive covid vaccine full dose

Over 1 milion receive covid vaccine full dose

Ministry of health says over 1 million 640 thousand people have received full doses of covid-19 vaccine.

According to the ministry’s covid-19 daily update over 2 million 200 thousand and only 41 thousand people have received the first dose and booster dose respectively.

In an interview with Radio Islam, the ministry’s spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said the country is yet to reach its target as the percentage is still below 20.

Chikumbe added that the country is not doing well on the administration of the vaccine comparing to other countries and the percentage is below the World Health organization’s set target.

However Chikumbe said the ministry has not conducted a research to establish contributing factors to people’s reluctance to get the vaccine.

He still believes that myths surrounding the vaccine are among the factors derailing the exercise.

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