OXFAM & CHRR introduce Health Governance project in Malawi

OXFAM in partnership with Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation CHRR will implement a- 4 year project from 2016 to 2020” entitled Enhancement of Citizens Demand for equitable health services in Dowa district.

Speaking in an interview, CHRR’s Research and Training Coordinator, Michael Kayiyatsa, said objective of the project is to improve capacity of Malawian men, women and the youth in demanding accountability and transparency of public service providers.

Kayiyatsa said it will be implemented in the areas of two T/As Kayembe and Chakhaza.

“The project is focusing on four thematic areas which are active citizenship, livelihood resilience, transformative women leadership and humanitarian preparedness as well as response,” said Kayiyatsa.

According to him CHRR rolled out another health governance project in Chikwawa in July which will come to an end in November in the areas of T/A Ngabu with the funding of 15 million kwacha.

He said in Dowa, CHRR held 20 community awareness meetings at group village level in the areas of T/A’s Kayembe and Chakhaza in preparation for the project.

“My organization will engage community radio stations for wide coverage of the project in order to mobilize people,” Kayiyatsa said.

He concluded that the project will work hand in hand with youth organizations.

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