PAC conducts wp-contenttion training

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has embarked on a three-day simulation exercise and wp-contenttion training for conflict wp-contenttors in preparation for the forthcoming Tripartite Elections.

PAC Chairperson, Reverend Dr Felix Chingota said the training is a follow up to another one the organization carried out in February with an aim of enhancing capabilities of inside wp-contenttors from within Malawi.

Reverend Chingota further said his organisation is just trying to have a team of wp-contenttors that can be used when there is an emergency or an issue that needs wp-contenttion.

He said the forthcoming tripartite elections are highly contested and very competitive, hence it is probable that when results are out one party could feel something is wrong.

Reverend Chingota also said there are some dispute indicators such as rigging rumours, biased of wp-content coverage and the playing field is not levelled.

He said if such disputes arise after the elections they should be resolved peacefully.

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