Police at Kamuzu International Airport KIA has arrested four people including two Nigerian nationals in connection with forgery, uttering and making false documents

The suspects have been identified as Osazee Iyobo and Evaristus Ejike both from Nigeria, Madalitso Vann who is a medical assistant at Bwaila district hospital and health surveillance assistant Patrick Kachala

The offense was discovered during the checking of corona virus test certificates and yellow books from passengers

.In the course of duty they came across Osazee Iyobo the first suspect who was trying to board an Ethiopian flight to Italy and upon checking his certificate it was realized that was a forged one as it lacked the real format, logo and signature of the authorized persons.

“Further investigation revealed that it was Evaristus Ejike brother to the first suspect who initiated the deal and he told police that he linked with his friend at Bwaila hospital to assist to have corona test certificate for him to fly out,” explains Lee Chitonse publicist of KIA

At first he made the deal with Kachala the health surveillance assistant who issued him certificate and paid 30, 000 kwacha but unfortunately it was denied at the airport

He went back to Kachala who told him that was busy and directed him to meet Vann the medical assistant for further assistance

Vann issued another certificate and charged 25, 000 kwacha which he paid but officials at the airport realized again that it was fake

Police have since recovered all the money totaling to 55, 000 kwacha and some documents

The suspects will appear in court on 4th January but have been released on police bail.