Political analyst requests DPP to stop frustrating Malawians

Democratic Progressive Party has cancelled the Blue Day march which was expected to take place in Blantyre today.

The party’s Southern Region governor, Charles Mchacha has confirmed.

According to Mchacha DPP cancelled the march because they wanted to give chance to Civil Society Organisations CSO’s to hold their demonstration which were scheduled for 7th September, 2018.

The CSO’s postponed the demonstrations to 21st September, 2018 in fear of violence.

Mchacha expressed ignorance of the CSOs cancellation of the demonstrations.

“I am not aware that CSO’s postponed their demonstrations,” stressed Mchacha

Reacting to the development, chancellor college based political analyst Dr Mustapher Hussein, says “the move was a deliberate ploy to counter the CSOs demonstrations.”

He has meanwhile urged DPP to stop frustrating Malawians, saying demonstrations are people’s rights hence must be respected.

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