President approves reforms on MACOHA

Malawi Council for the Handicapped MACOHA says Malawi Council for Disability Affairs MACODA bill which it is currently reviewing will give power to the organization to push for rights of people with disabilities.

MACOHA Executive Director Peter Ngomwa has said this as President Arthur Peter Mutharika has approved the reforms which it applied for.

“The reforms are enactment of Malawi Council for Disability Affairs MACODA Bill to replace the Handicapped Persons Act, revitalize and restructure Bangwe Factory and expand its Lilongwe Vocational training centre, reads the statement.

In an interview Ngomwa told radio Islam that his organization is currently reviewing the Handicapped Persons Act as it is outdated and promotes charity model of disability.

“Dsability is currently a human rights issue hence the need for the review for the country to re-align itself with global recommendations that promote human rights for people with disabilities,” explained Ngoma.

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